International Cooperation

The Utrecht Network is committed to initiatives to strengthen the internationalization of its member universities and the cohesion of its network.

From a global perspective, the Network is committed to building bridges between cultures through the development of partner mobility in several countries.

The largest French-speaking university for multidisciplinary studies, Aix-Marseille University is present in 9 French cities.

Its almost 80,000 undergraduate and 1,100 graduate students are divided into 18 colleges and institutes, which comprise the following areas: Arts, Letters and Human Sciences; Law and Political Science; Economics and Administration; Health and Science and Technology.

CCISP is the joint representation body of public polytechnic higher education institutions of Portugal and its main function is to coordinate the committees of the Polytechnic Institutes and Non-Integrated Schools.

Currently, is part of CCISP all public polytechnic institutes, through their presidents, as well as non-integrated higher schools, equally, through their presidents.

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